What is MCAMC?

MCAMC brings an exciting new type of math competition to the middle school audience — one that involves working together as a team with your friends. In contrast to other competitions that only involve working independently, get ready for a day filled with collaboration and action!

Recent Updates

March 31, 2019: Full results for all teams and individuals are now available here.

March 30, 2019: Thanks everyone for coming! View the results below:

March 10, 2019: Registration deadline has been extended to March 15th!

February 2, 2019: Sample questions are released! Please scroll down the Sample Questions section to try them.

February 1, 2019: We apologize for the delay in releasing sample questions. Sample questions will be released at 4PM EST on February 2, 2019.

Important Dates

Registration Opens January 3, 2019
Sample Questions Released January 31, 2019
Registration Closes March 15, 2019
Payment Received By March 22, 2019
Competition Date March 30, 2019
Full Results Uploaded March 31, 2019


9:00 - 9:15 Check In
9:00 - 9:15 Individual Team Matching
9:15 - 10:15 Individual Round
10:30 - 11:30 Team Round
11:30 - 12:20 Lunch
12:20 - 1:20 Live Round
1:30 - 2:00 Awards Ceremony

Format and Rules

Form teams of 4-6 students from your school in grades 6-8 and compete together! MCAMC is structured into 3 rounds, each round lasting 1 hour.

Individual Round

The Individual Round comes first and is the most traditional of the 3 rounds. There are 20 questions spanning various topics. The questions will be similar in difficulty to the AMC 8.

Team Round

The Team Round comes second, and you will be working within your team of 4-6 students to solve another 20 questions, but now with a twist! This time, all 20 questions will be related to one topic — a topic that you’ve probably never seen before. We will provide enough background information and guidance to help you solve these 20 questions, so be prepared to learn something new.

Live Round

The Live Round comes last, and you will again be working within your team. The style of the questions will be similar to that of the Individual Round, with a slight difficulty increase because you will be working as a team. Questions will come in sets of 3, and there are 8 sets of questions. The difficulty increases every set.

It is called the Live Round because this round will be scored in real-time! All teams gather in large rooms, where several tables will be set up with graders and questions. When the round starts, each team sends one person to pick up the first set of questions and then return back to their team. The team works together to solve these 3 questions, and when the team is done, they send someone to submit their answers and recieve the next set of questions. Answers may not be changed after they are submitted, and answers will be graded on the spot, with the results immediately displayed on screens and projectors around the room.


We designed our scoring system to give more points to harder questions, as well as to prevent ties. Each person’s individual score comes from the Individual Round, while the team overall score depends on the average of Individual Round scores, the Team Round score, and the Live Round score, with each component equally important.

Show scoring specifics

For the Individual Round, for each question, each student recieves points for answering correctly, where is the fraction of students who answered the question correctly. For the Team Round, for each question, the team similarly recieves points for answering correctly. For the Live Round, each question will have a point value written next to it, which increase with every set. The overall team score is , where , , and are the team’s individual average, team, and live scores, and , , and are the top individual average, team, and live scores across all teams.


Both individual awards and team awards will be given. Please stay tuned for details.

Sample Questions

Sample Individual

Sample Team

Sample Live

Sample Answers



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Can you describe the overall registration process for schools and other organizations?

Each organization submits one registration form. The organization will be asked to designate a coach who will receive communications from MCAMC, and to provide basic information about each student participating. Please see the payment section for payment details. If you have any other questions, please contact us at mcamathleague@gmail.com.

Can I register as individual without a team?

Yes! If your school is not participating in MCAMC, you can register as individual. On the day of the competition, you will be matched with a team, and you will be able to participate in all rounds just like everyone else. However, if your school is participating in MCAMC, please register with your school.

What are the exact eligibility requirements to participate in MCAMC?

Students must be in grade 8 or below. Grade 9 students may not participate, even if your middle school contains grade 9. Younger students may participate, but the difficulty of the competition stays the same. Additionally, homeschooled students may participate. There are no location requirements.

Can organizations other than schools form teams?

Yes! Any team from anywhere may participate, including but not limited to enrichment programs and weekend programs.

Day of the Competition

What should I bring?

Just a writing utensil is good! We will provide scrap paper and anything else you might need. Calculators, protractors, and other aids are not permitted. We will regularly announce the time, but if you wish, a (non-smart) watch is also permitted.

Can parents and teachers stay?

Due to space limitations, up to one adult per team can stay. We encourage at least one adult per organization/school to stay. For students registering individually, one adult per student may stay.

Where is parking? Where is the drop-off location?

Refering to this map of Middlesex County College, our high school is building AC, located on the western side of campus. Parking is available in Lots 1 and 2 (not 1B). If you are not parking, students may be dropped off directly in front of our school.


What does the overall payment process look like?

In the registration form, the school, organization, or individual will have the ability to preorder pizza and T-shirts. The total amount owed will be displayed before the registration form is submitted. Payment (cash or check made out to Middlesex County Academy) or a guarantee of payment must be mailed to 100 Technology Drive, Edison, NJ 08837 and received by the indicated deadline. We will send another email when we recieve your payment or guarantee of payment. We do not accept online payments at this time. If you have any questions, please contact us at mcamathleague@gmail.com.

How much does MCAMC cost? Can I pay at the door?

MCAMC costs $10 per student. Payment at the door will not be accepted. Payment must be received by mail by the indicated deadline.

What dining options are available?

Pizza can be preordered at $12 per large (14-inch) pie. Schools and organizations may only purchase by the pie for the sake of efficiency. Individuals may preorder slices at $2 per slice. If you do not wish to eat pizza, the College Center (building CC on this map) has a food court. Prices at the food court are around $8 per person. Students must be accompanied by an adult if leaving designated competition areas, and MCAMC will not be held responsible while students are away with an adult.

Are there T-shirts?

Yes! T-shirts are available for $12. This year’s design will be uploaded shortly. T-shirts must be preordered when registering and will not be sold the day of the competition.


Does a high score on the MCAMC impact admission to Middlesex County Academy?

Our competition is not affiliated with the admissions process of our school. However, our admissions team is well aware of the rigor and importance of math competitions in general, including but not limited to the MCAMC. We encourage those who enjoy math competions to apply!

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact mcamathleague@gmail.com with your question. We will be happy to answer!